I have been doing nails for fifteen years. From the time I first started studying, I have been making an effort to constantly update my skills and learn new techniques, both through study and through participating in nail competitions. I have tried and worked with many products, so I have had the chance to compare different brands. I believe that if you want to be a professional, you have to use professional tools and products and constantly update your skills.I have to focus on a lot of things at the same time to do a perfect job. Patience, concentration, and endless creativity are required, which are all things I am good at.

In 2007, I decided to enhance my qualifications even further by becoming an instructor, so I sat and passed the instructor exams at the Kinetics Nail Academy. Now I also teach classes on every kind of nail technique in a salon environment in Brighton, a job I especially enjoy. I like passing on my own experience, and I love how teaching reinforces and improves my own skills as well as those of my talented students!

Nail Competitions:

1st place,   2009: England / London / International Nail Competition in the Showcase Nail Art category.
(The theme was "Carnival"/"Carnival in Venice".)

2nd place,   2008: England / London / National Nail Competition in the Showcase Nail Art category.
(The theme was "Oscars"/ "Lord of the Rings".)

1st place,  2005: England / London / National Nail Competition in the Fantasy Nail Art category.
(The theme was "Water Pixy".)

3rd place,  2004: Hungary / Budapest / National Freehand Nail Art Championship.
(The theme was "Athens".)
I got a special award for my unique idea of showing my work on a male model. 

  84 St. James Street
  BN2 1TP