Services and Prices



Foundation Courses

The foundation classes are for students who would like to take first steps in the industry. Foundation classes have been developed to provide platform for you to become a competent nail professional. You will be covering under pinning and practical skills that students need to enter the professional workplace. Please have a look at the table below for courses, prices and classes duration.

Type of Course
 Course Cost
Kit Cost
Manicure and Pedicure
4 Weeks*  £ 235.00
£ 170.00 approx.
Foundation Acrylic
6 Weeks*  £ 465.00 £ 165.00
Foundation Gel
6 Weeks*  £ 465.00
£ 143.00 + UV Lamp £ 80
Nail Art
1 Day
 £ 75.00

* One lesson per week, specified days do not run in a row, you have one day a week, then you strengthen your knowledge and return for next lesson.

Intermediate Courses

Our intermediate classes are for Kinetics users and those who wish to convert specially for Kinetics Professional Nail System. The specially designed classes will enhance your existing skill levels.

Type of Course  Duration  Course Cost Kit Cost
Progression Acrylic / Gel
 4 Weeks*  £ 280.00
£ 165.00 / £ 143.00
Conversion Acrylic / Gel  1 Day  £ 95.00
£165, £ 65.00 /
£143, £ 74.00   
Coloured Acrylic Design
 1 Day  £ 135.00
£ 85.00                   
Coloured Gel Design  1 Day  £ 135.00 £ 95.00                   
Workshops  1 Day  £ 95.00

* One lesson per week, specified days do not run in a row, you have one day a week, then you strengthen your knowledge and return for next lesson.

Nail Services

Nail Enhancement    Acrylic / Gel

Natural Nail Overlay from £ 25.00

Full Set (One Color)

from £ 30.00

Full Set Permanent French Or Color

from £ 40.00


from £ 25.00

 3 Week Manicure (Gel Polish)
from £ 30.00

Gel On Toes

from £ 30.00

Nail Extension Removal(Including Conditional Treatment) from £ 15.00

Nail Replacement (During Infills)

£ 1.50

Nail Tip Replacement / Repair £ 4.00


Natural Nail Care 

Nails To Go
File and paint with your choice of colour

from £ 10.00

Lunch-Break Manicure
£ 8.00

Perfect French Finish

from £ 12.00

Chill Out Manicure

£ 20.00

Seasonal Deluxe Manicure
Changing seasonal manicures designed to give your hands the
exact care they need throughout the year.

£ 25.00

Little Princess Manicure
Gentle hand and nail care finish in favorite colours.

£ 15.00

Tidy Toes

from £ 10.00

Seasonal Deluxe Pedicure

 from £ 30.00

Exclusive Nail Art

Single Colour Design

2-3 Colour Design

Complex Design
(3D, Permanent Colours, Encapsulation)

Swarovski Crystals


Nail Grooming For Male

Businessman Manicure
Well groomed natural finish to suite those with
busy lifestyle.

 £ 15.00

Nail Grooming For Men
Moisturizing hand and cuticle care for a perfect, well groomed look. Shape, soak, cuticle care, moisturize, massage and shiny/matte finish.

£ 20.00

Cosmetic Manicure
Nail repair for bitten, broken or damaged nails with perfect cover.

£ 5.00 per nail

Eyelash Extension


Semi permanent, long lasting, individually  applied eyelashes.

 Full Set
 £ 65.00
 Half Set
 £ 35.00
 Top Up
 £ 20.00

Slimming Treatment

Alternative Lymphatic Drainage

 Slimming Cellulite Treatment

 The process creates a flow of fresh oxygenated blood that is rich in natural nutrients, causing the release and clearing of waist and toxins from the fat cells. This subsequently breaks up and removes the orange peel cellulite look and results in smooth and toned skin. Done frequently, the improved circulation removes the "sludge" leaving the fibrous tissue soft, healthy and flexible, keeping skin looking more youthful.

 Alternative Lymphatic Drainage

Alternative Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle form of treatment that has powerful  cleansing, relaxing, pain relieving and immunological effects. It is light, flowing rhythmic massage that stimulates encourages the flow of lymph fluid trough the body.

 1 Hour

 £ 40.00
 Trial Session (First Appointment)
 £ 30.00
 Package Deal
Pay 5 get 1 Free